Fellow Crohnies Reaching out for Help!

21c6721217ce71a736e7e835f3811b69Recently, I have been receiving requests to display “gofundme” accounts or to make my readers aware of CCFA Team Challenge and Take Steps for Crohn’s Disease & Colitis donation goals by participants. So, in the future, please use the comment section, on this page, for those requests. This page will be dedicated just for that purpose and that purpose alone, so that other people who read this blog and view this page will be able to see your requests. I will also share your pages/stories on my FB Page and Twitter Feed, as I become aware of the comments.

A lot of us are struggling to pay bills and are drowning in debt, in fact, most of us are… We all want to help and support those in our community. We are sympathetic and compassionate towards what fellow IBDers are going through, because more than likely, we have gone through it, are currently going through it, or will eventually go through it.

While, I will never mark your requests as spam (unless they are undoubtedly spam) or deny your comments for approval, please do not take advantage of this kindness. I am happy to share your stories, but to be blunt, you are using my blog as a place to advertise for FREE. The least you can do, in return, is to follow my blog, either here on wordpress.com or on Facebook (The links are on the sidebar of my blog. It just requires you to click on the corresponding button. You could even share it, like I will be sharing your stories.).

Some words of advice:

  1. Don’t list yourself as anonymous. People are less likely to click on your comment, I know I am; I don’t know if you are posting spam or someone trying to scam kind people out of their money.
  2. Put some detail in your comment. You need to come across as genuine and sincere in order for people to click on your link and consider donating to your page. You need to describe your situation. Just saying you need help, isn’t going to do get people to click on your link. If you need help, put in the time to ask for it.
  3. Pay It Forward! When you are able, help someone else in need. Pay the kindness that you were paid, forward!

Remember, if you are looking for any other type of support or advice, you can always send me a private message and I will help in any way that I am able. The more information I know, the better I can help or guide you in the right direction.

**I will only be sharing the requests from this comment section on my FB Page and Twitter Page. If you leave them in another comment feed, I will not be sharing them on Social Media!**

I wish all of you the best of luck on this IBD journey. It is a journey of highs and lows. I pray you experience many more of the highs than the lows!


To those reading this, who are not looking for help: Please think about how you could help someone who has posted below. You might not be able to contribute financially, but you may be able to share encouragement or inspiration to someone who is in need of it. You may find you live near the person and could find a way to get them a pre-cooked meal. Or maybe you have other resources to share; guidance. We are all filled with a unique set of skills and life experiences. Sometimes we just have to take the time to think outside of the box to see what we can do to make a difference in someone’s life!

2 thoughts on “Fellow Crohnies Reaching out for Help!

  1. My husband has severe Crohn’s disease which has almost taken his life on a few occasions including on the same day our daughter was born he missed our daughter our first child being born as he was hospitilized himself at the same hospital due to having an emergency resection 3 days prior 12 hours after she born he was rushed to ICU in bad shape and taken in for a 2nd emergency surgery were he almost didn’t make it. 10 days later he was able to come home only to be ambulanced back to the hospital for a 3rd emergency surgery in was placed in a ostomy bag for 6 months. He still suffers daily and has had other surgeries since and now has massive hernias due to so many surgeries and is unable to work I work as a home healthcare PCA but just can’t make it please share even a $1 really helps thank you so much https://www.gofundme.com/hh4s35rm


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