Like, Share, Tweet!

I just wanted to write a little note, encouraging anyone subscribed to this blog, to also like the Facebook Page too; if you have a Facebook account. On Facebook, I am able to re-blog great posts from other bloggers not on WordPress. It is also a place where I share funny or inspirational videos and quotes, along with research and articles on IBD, caregiving, or anything else I find interesting or helpful.

For those of you who only follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I would encourage you to check out the blog every now and then, because I also have more information in the pages section of my blog, and the pages I write do not automatically get shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or here on the blog, please like, share, comment and/or rate my posts. I love to get constructive feedback. Always feel free to let me know what content you would like to see on the Facebook page, or topics that you would like me to address in posts. I appreciate all suggestions given!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and that your bellies did too!

Thank you for reading,


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