I am more than my Health Status!

As complex individuals, we are made up of many interests. We have periods of highs and lows. Every little detail about us contributes to our whole being! Often when you start a blog, you are supposed to be writing to a specific audience. I have to say that I find that really hard, because I am more than my health status. I do not just want to blog about IBD, my health or the chaos in my environment (My blog statistics indicate that the IBD community is my target audience. This is why I have singled out that topic.). I have many interests, from Lifestyle (food, fashion, beauty, etc.), to Activism and other avenues of progressive change. I also would like to begin to share more of the knowledge I have for behavior modification and working with children and families. So, I have decided to do just that: blog on whatever my mind is focused on or whatever view or feeling I need to express in that moment. I did start out saying that this blog was not going to have any set particular topic, but would be a place that I could organize, express, and purge all of the raw emotions that suck the life out of me every single day. But, I also want to write about injustice, speak up for the voiceless and inspire others to do the same; TO LEAN FORWARD!

However, if you follow this blog solely for the IBD or health related content, PLEASE keep following. Everything will be categorized and tagged accordingly!

Thank you for the Support!


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