Featured Blog: The Hurt Healer: Believing is Receiving

The Hurt Healer is such an inspirational blog, and is personally one of my favorites to read. The words, the pain, and the encouragement that is presented in every post, always touches me and forces me to deal and sort through my own similar experiences.

The Hurt Healer

“You’re nothing better than a whore.” As a young child I didn’t know what that meant but I did know that every time my dad said it I felt worthless and unloved. As an adult I did my best to escape him. But even when I had the respite of being geographically away from him, I was unable to distance myself from him in my mind. The words with which he had insulted and abused me were a source of torment.

I grew up believing I was unwanted, useless and ugly. With hindsight I can see that as a child I had been placed on the path of self-fulfilling misery because I didn’t believe I deserved any better. In adulthood, one of the main causes of my depression was that I never felt ‘good enough’. That translated into: I wasn’t pretty enough. I wasn’t clever enough. I wasn’t interesting enough…

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